Our investors are key to expanding God’s Kingdom!

By investing with the CID-CEF, you are supporting the Great Commission and the growth of God’s Kingdom! You are doing so by providing the financial resources which the CID-CEF will match with the needs of our LCMS churches, schools, and agencies in the LCMS Central Illinois District.

God has been gracious to the CID-CEF over our history – we are financially solid, with a very strong financial-capital position. Your deposits with us are secure and will not decrease in value with market fluctuations.   

Your investments support His Mission and Vision for the LCMS Central Illinois District. You know your investment dollars are funding initiatives that match with the beliefs that you value.

As an added blessing, our interest rates are more than competitive with those available from other local institutions. 

Check out our offerings of:

Fixed Term Certificates
Flexible Savings Accounts

"So I have provided for the house of my God"
I Chronicles 29:2

"The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance"
Proverbs 21:5


Projects helped funded by investments made through the CID-CEF:

Concordia, Peoria

Concordia, Peoria

Christ High School, Buckley

Trinity, Springfield

Good Shepherd Sherman

Good Shepherd, Sherman

St. Paul's Decatur

St. Paul's, Decatur


**Please refer to the "Documents for Certificates" box to view, download, and print Certificate applications and forms.**

The CID-CEF offers several different fixed term Certificates at interest rates that vary depending on the length of the term. The minimum investment for all Certificates is only $500.

Fixed Terms

Interest Paid/Applied Semi-annually

$500 Minimum Investment

You may also choose to designate individuals or LCMS organizations as the beneficiaries of your Certificates in the Beneficiary Designation Form.

Interest on Certificate investments is paid semi-annually. On the Investment Application, you may choose to allow interest to accumulate in your investment, be paid by check, or be direct deposited into your bank account using the Direct Deposit Form.

View Current certificate Rates and Terms



**Please refer to the "Documents for Flexible Savings Accounts" box to view, download, and print Flexible Savings Account applications and forms.**

The CID-CEF offers two different Flexible Savings Accounts – one to all of our investors, and the other to our LCMS religious organizations having Capital Campaign funds. Both of these accounts offer immediate access to your funds and earn an interest return.

Immediate Access to Your Funds

Interest is Added to Account Monthly

Regular Flexible Savings Account

The CID-CEF offers a Flexible Savings Account to all our investors with a minimum investment of only $25.

You may also choose to designate individuals or LCMS organizations as the beneficiary of your Flexible Savings Account in the Beneficiary Designation Form.

Interest rates are significantly higher than passbook savings accounts at local institutions, and interest is paid monthly.

Capital Campaign Flexible Savings Account

The Flexible Savings Account offered to our LCMS religious organizations is designed for those organizations having capital campaign funds. These Flexible Savings Accounts earn 0.6% on their deposits versus the nominal interest rate for deposits at most other financial institutions. 

An added benefit is that you may also choose to have your loan payments automatically processed each month from your Flexible Savings Account – just give us the authorization to do so by submitting the Capital Campaign Transfer Authorization Form.

View Current flexible savings accounts Interest Rates



The CID-CEF Office is open Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm.
Please call (217) 793-1802 with questions.

The LCMS Central Illinois District Church Extension Fund (CID-CEF) is a non-profit religious organization, therefore CID-CEF investments are not SIPC- or FDIC-insured. This does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy CID-CEF investments. The offer is made solely by CID-CEF’s Offering Circular. Investors should carefully read the Offering Circular, which more fully describes associated risks. CID-CEF will offer and sell its securities only in states where authorized.